Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua 
Catholic Church

 St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church is a community of believers united by Faith. 
2530 GARNER ROAD RAY CITY, GA 31645              1(229)455-5554              church@anthonyofpaduaga.org
Daily Mass
Monday-Thursday 9:30am
English 9am and 10am
Spanish  12pm

Wednesday 10am to 12pm
First Saturday of the month 7pm to 10pm

By request

    Monday thru Thursday: 9:00am to 3:00pm


Abuse Hotline Number: 
To report sexual abuse of a minor by a Diocese of Savannah employee or volunteer, call the abuse hotline number at 888-357-5330 or the Office for the Protection of Children and Young People, 912-201-4074. To read the diocesan policy on sexual abuse of minors, go to www.diosav.org/childyouthprotection.

EWTN broadcasts the Daily Mass LIVE at 8:00 AM. It is re-aired at Noon and again at 7:00 PM. You can watch via TV or online via streaming at ewtn.com/tv/watch-live. You can also listen to the Mass LIVE on the radio, SIRIUS/XM, or listen online at ewtn.com/radio/listen-live. If you missed the live stream, the entirety of the Daily Mass can be found on demand at: https://video.ewtn.com/daily-mass/.

For the live streamed Mass from the Cathedral https://livestream.com/diosav

The Hispanic Ministry Office will be livestreaming the Mass in Spanish from their Facebook page on Saturdays at 7:00 pm and Sundays at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm from San Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Bainbridge, GA https://www.facebook.com/MHSavannah/

Online Giving
The Diocese of Savannah has authorized a return to the public celebration of the Mass—with special adaptations due to the Covid-19 pandemic—beginning on May 25, 2020. The full list of the guidelines and best practices from the Diocese may be found here: https://diosav.org/coronavirus-advisory/extending-the-dispensation-of-the-sunday-obligation

We have determined that at St Anthony of Padua we can safely receive 70 people at each Mass while maintaining appropriate distancing. 

To that end, the normal daily Mass schedule will resume May 25: 
9:30am Monday-Thursday 

We will offer 3 Masses on Sunday beginning May 31 as follows: 
9:00am English 
10:00am English 
12:00pm Spanish 

The Sunday obligation remains suspended until November 22, so if you do not feel well, or if you are in a vulnerable demographic, or if you do not feel comfortable gathering with that many people right now, please stay home. 

For Sunday, if you are planning to attend, please call or write ahead to the office so we can have an idea of the head count. 229-455-5554 church@anthonyofpaduaga.org

Sign up is not required, but the 70 person limit will be enforced on a first come first serve basis. If the four Masses are not sufficient to accommodate the need, more Masses will be added to the Sunday schedule.

The Sunday celebration will be a simplified format for the sake of brevity as well as health and safety. At least to begin with, we will not be singing, since it seems like that may contribute to the spread. There will be no sign of peace, and there will be no distribution of the chalice. Masks are recommended.

With the tight schedule on Sunday, we will be reminding people not to spend time visiting indoors and we request that no one plan to come in more than 10 minutes before Mass.

Confessions will be offered by request for the time being to prioritize the additional celebrations of the Mass.

I am grateful for the opportunity to begin to come together again and I look forward to seeing everyone soon. I thank you in advance for your cooperation with these adaptations. Together I think we can make it work.

Fr Kevin O’Keefe

Permanent Diaconate Class Forming 

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate is now accepting applications for the next diaconate formation class. The permanent diaconate is open to both single and married men who meet specific requirements. These requirements can be found on the Diocese of Savannah web page under Offices/Permanent Diaconate/Formation/Frequently Asked Questions.

Application information can be found at https://diosav.org/permanent-diaconate/formation. All application materials must be received by the Office of the Permanent Diaconate no later than September 30, 2020 with a class start date of September 2021 for those accepted. Questions should be directed to Deacon Kelley Culver, Director of the Permanent Diaconate at (706)651-8989.